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Choose Plants Carefully

Knowledge is 80% of your success! Even plants that are very hardy to the prairies benefit greatly from proper location and winter wind protection. The difference in climate is substantial between a sheltered yard and an open area.

Planting and watering tips

When planting, try to remove the plant with soil intact. For larger plants or t...

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Plant trouble shooting form

This questionnaire will help figure out what is causing issues with your plant. It can...

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Perennial Care

Do not plant deeply, burying the stem of most plants is a mistake. The stem will rot ...

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Insects and Fungal issues

Most damage caused by insects and fungi is manageable and mainly aesthetic; it is most...

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How soon will I get fruit from my trees and shrubs?

Fruit plants will not give fruit until they have become established in their planted s...

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How soon can I put in my garden

Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and onion plants can be planted in early - mid-May as ...

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How often and how much should I water?

Trees & Shrubs: Make a small dike around your plant (about a1/2’ away fr...

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How long will my annual flower baskets bloom?

A 10” basket or container will usually bloom steadily until the end of July, if fertil...

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How do I prune my apple trees?

The easiest and most productive shape for an apple tree is maintaining a central leade...

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