Silver Maple Blog Photo

Silver Maple – Prairie Silver

This tree is almost native to Manitoba. I have found Silver Maples growing very close ...

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Froebel Spirea Blog Photo

Froebel Spirea

So many spireas! There are so many kinds to pick from! Some with white flowers and som...

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Common Lilac A Fragrant Tapestry Of Spring

Common Lilac: A Fragrant Tapestry of Spring

When I started working in sales at our nursery and saw how many different lilacs varie...

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Compare & Contrast Blog Photo

Ninebarks: Compare & Contrast

I remember the first time I saw a purple shrub I was somewhere between confused and im...

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Valiant Grape Resilient Champion

Valiant Grape: The Resilient Champion

As unlikely as it may seem there are grapes that can survive here in Manitoba and prod...

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Blizzard Mockorange Blog Photo

Blizzard Mockorange: Not an Orange…

As spring arrives the early bloomers like cherries, plums, apricots and forsythia are ...

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Miss Kim Lilac

Miss Kim Lilac: Her Name is Kim

The one species of shrubs we carry the most varieties of is undoubtedly lilacs. At lea...

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Annabelle Hydrangea Blog Photo

Annabelle Hydrangea: Elegance in Bloom

Annabelle Hydrangea and its family members (hydrangea arborescence) are very popular s...

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Northern Gold Forsythia Blog Photo

Northern Gold Forsythia: Spring Gold

This time I’m giving you the good news first: the Northern Gold Forsythia is a beautif...

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