Snow Load Blog Photo

Snow Load

Heavy wet snow load is changing columnar trees into weeping trees this fall! I have several varieties of trees on my ...

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Early Fall Colour Blog Photo

Ahead of Schedule: Trees in Early Autumn Splendor

Does it seem to you like the fall colours are a little more vivid this year? I think they are. There are many factors...

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Tent Caterpillars Blog Photo

Tent Worm Takedown: Strategies for Controlling these Silk-Weaving Pests

Tent worms, army worms and canker worms. We often hear and use these names interchangeable for a very similar issue. ...

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Seedless Tree Photo Blog

Seedless Trees: Blessing or Barren?

Mancana Manchurian Ash, Lace Weeping Willow, Ming Cherry, Gentry and Nobility White Ash, Spring Snow Flowering Crabap...

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Hot Wings Maple Blog Photo

Hot Wings Maple: A Fiery Twist on Shade Trees

Ever play with those little brown helicopter seeds when you were a kid? The ones you can toss on the air and they fal...

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Lantana Blog Photo

Lantana: The World Dominator

Lantana is a plant that I find has a very specific demographic. To those who actually know about it, it is the most w...

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Swiss Stone Pine Blog Photo

Swiss Stone Pine: The Alps… Pine

Swiss Stone Pine seems to be an uncommon tree in every aspect. We rarely see it in our landscape here in Manitoba, bu...

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Silverado Olive Hybrid

Silverado Hybrid Olive: The Silver on the Prairies

Trees are green. We learn this in kindergarten. Plants over all grow green leaves. But what about when they don’t? No...

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The Pits Part 2

The Pits (Part 2)

And we are back, let's dive right back into the pits... figuratively. We will start with Native Plums. There are two ...

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