Trouble Shooting Form

This questionnaire will help figure out what is causing issues with your plant. It can be used for stressed or dead plants, and we will provide diagnosis and care tips whether they are covered by our standard warranty or not (this is a benefit of our lifetime support). The more thorough and accurate you can be, the better advice we can provide for your future success! When in doubt, estimate if you do not know exact details – some information is better then none! For multiple choice questions, circle all that apply.

Feel free to write comments/extra details, and preferably email 3, in-focus pictures:
1) A close up of the issue;
2) The bottom of the stem;
3) The whole plant and immediate surroundings. You can print the questions out then write in the answers and/or circle the options and scan it/take a picture, or you can answer this for via email, numbering your answers for clarity (use the subject line: Plant Troubleshooting Form).

If you want to inquire about warranty eligibility, also attach a picture of your receipt.

Name of Customer:

List of Plants affected:


  1. Describe the planting site’s soil: (Heavy Clay) (Sandy) (Loam/Imported Topsoil)


  1. How long do puddles last after a heavy rain in summer? (a few hours) (1 – 3 days)(4+ Days)


  1. Is the site protected from the wind? (North protection) (East) (South) (West)


  1. How much sun does it receive? Sunshine begins:____(am/pm) | | Sunshine Ends: ____(am/pm)

*Or describe when the site receives 



  1. Date of purchase___________| Date of planting:_____________


  1. How wide did you dig the hole?_____(ft/m) How deep?____(ft/m)


  1. Describe the root ball at planting: (Maintained Shape) (Fell Apart) (Rootbound) (I loosened roots)


  1. How deep was the top of the root ball after planting? (Equal to grade) (Less than 2” of soil on top)

         (Root ball above grade) (More than 2” of soil on top)


  1. Describe mulch around plant: (Woodchips) (Stone) (Colour:_______) (None)

*Diameter:____(ft/m) 8Height:____(ft/m)


  1. Did you build a watering ring/dike around the plant? (Yes) (No)

      *Diameter:____(ft/m) *Height:____(ft/m)

Regular care

  1. Describe how the plant was watered: (A gallon or less per soak) (More than a gallon per soak)

      (Everyday) (Once per 3 – 5 days) (Once per week) (Once per month) (Less than once per month)

      *I usually checked the soil 3-4” deep for dryness before watering as per care sheet: (Yes) (No)


  1. Describe how the plant was fertilized: (Did not fertilize) (Bonemeal when planted)

      *Type of fertilizer (N/P/K):_____*Amount applied, timing:_____

  1. Did you prune the plant: (Yes) (When:_________________________) (No)


  1. Were any herbicides applied within 200’ before the plant started suffering? (Yes) (No)


Winter care (if applicable)

  1. Circle/Describe all that apply: (Number of winters in the ground:___)

(I added mulch for winter – type:________________) (I kept watering until frost)

(I put up a burlap fence around my evergreen) (I noticed an issue in fall:___________)

*Snow cover (completely covered) (Half covered) (exposed)


Other notes

  • Describe any other pertinent information; When did you first notice issues, how did it progress?

Questions? Give us a call or