Some thoughtful planning can go a long way. Let us assess your site and guide you through the process of transforming your environment into an oasis.


Site Assessment

Our designer will come out to your yard to observe your property and come up with a design best suited for your location. Total time is 1 hour.


On-site Design and Selection

Our designer will make suggestions along with your preferences on plants and placements best suited for your yard to help maximize success and beauty.


Hand-drawn Design

Once the designer has thoroughly mapped out your yard they will create a birds-eye view drawing of the selected flower/shrub beds, feature trees, and anything else they may suggest for the beautification of your space. The hand-drawn design will also include the placement and species of plants that we recommend using.


In-store Plant Selection

Should you wish to purchase our products for said designs, we ask that you come to our store site to approve your plant selection, and ask any questions you may have!

What’s Included

1 hour of our designers' sole attention and focus, a hand-drawn design of your yard's future potential, and recommended plants best suited for your yard. This design is also yours to keep and you can do whatever you like with it. You can take this design to any nursery or greenhouse, there are no strings attached back to us. If you are satisfied with the design and wish to move forward with us, we will send you a free estimate.


For 1 hour the price is $119.00 + tax. If your yard or the space you are designing requires more time and attention there will be an extra $40.00 charge per hour. Locations further than 30 minutes from our site will cost an extra $40.00.


Yard designs and planting jobs are available to be booked starting mid-June.

Booking Planting Jobs

If you would like us to plant for you, we ask that you email or call our office as soon as you know to ensure product availability.

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