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Choose Plants Carefully

Knowledge is 80% of your success! Even plants that are very hardy to the prairies benefit greatly from proper location and winter wind protection. The difference in climate is substantial between a sheltered yard and an open area.

When do I prune my trees and shrubs?

Each plant variety has different pruning needs. If you do not find information about ...

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When do I fertilize my trees and shrubs?

There are two options for fertilizing. Option...

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When do I fertilize my flower baskets?

We usually recommend fertilizing your baskets and containers at least once a week. How...

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When can I plant my trees and shrubs?

Good news!! For container-grown trees and shrubs - if the ground isn't frozen you can ...

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Trees first winter

First winters in a new environment can be a concern if there is not adequate snow cove...

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Staking Trees

Staking trees is beneficial if planted in a windy location. If only using one stake, p...

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Soil vs sod and your plants

Always keep a black ring of soil around young trees for the following reason: ...

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Protect against Animals

  • Tree wrap the bottom 3’ - 4’ of the stem for winter to defend again...

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Pot Credit

Please return your pots for an in-store credit to put towards your next purchase and a...

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