Blizzard Mockorange Blog Photo

Blizzard Mockorange: Not an Orange…

As spring arrives the early bloomers like cherries, plums, apricots and forsythia are ...

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Miss Kim Lilac

Miss Kim Lilac: Her Name is Kim

The one species of shrubs we carry the most varieties of is undoubtedly lilacs. At lea...

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Weeping Willow Blog Photo (1)

Weeping Like a Willow

Weeping like a willow. I heard that chorus in a folk song somewhere long ago. As a you...

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Lantana Blog Photo

Lantana: The World Dominator

Lantana is a plant that I find has a very specific demographic. To those who actually know about it, it is the most w...

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Savannah Ruby Grass Blog Photo

Savannah Rubies

When it comes to containers, we often discuss thrillers, fillers, and spiller; the three main criteria for a perfect ...

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Agincourt Beauty Lilac Blog Photo

Agincourt Beauty Lilac: A Cut Above the Rest

"A Cut Above the Rest", it’s a play on words segueing into Lilacs. Lilacs make great cut flowers! I have not seen the...

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Bridal Wreath Spirea Blog Photo

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Have you ever noticed that we take things for granted? As I started this post, I was wondering what I would say about...

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Virgina Creeper Blog Photo

Virgina Creeper: The Creepy Crawler

I remember going for a car ride with my parents through Mitchell when I was around 15 years old. I was just beginning...

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Spirea Not Just A Filler Blog Photo

Spirea: Not Just Filler

The Spirea is a humble plant, it is often overlooked and under thought. Did you know t...

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