Bleeding Hearts Blog Photo

Bleeding Hearts

I must admit, this plant probably made many garden enthusiasts’ hearts bleed as it simply couldn’t be found this year...

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Virgina Creeper Blog Photo

Virgina Creeper: The Creepy Crawler

I remember going for a car ride with my parents through Mitchell when I was around 15 years old. I was just beginning...

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Guide To Shade Plants Blog Photo

Guide to Shade Plants: Annuals

When it comes to plants there is so much to know and learn. And when it comes to shady...

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Hosta History Blog Photo

Hosta History

Hostas: you know ’em, you love ‘em. But do you actually know anything about them? We h...

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Need A Hedge Blog Photo (1)

Need a Hedge? Part 2

Have you ever seen a hedge that was not growing at uniform rates? Some plants were tal...

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Need A Hedge Blog Photo

Need a Hedge? Part 1

Hedges. The green fence. The living wall of privacy and shelter. Many people choose to...

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False Spirea

False Spirea: Mistaken Identity?

One of the most complicated parts of gardening is knowing which plant will work in whi...

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Biships.. Gout... Weed Blog Photo

The Bishops…Gout…Weed?

Bishops Goutweed, Snow on the Mountain, Gout-wort, Ground Elder, Wild Master Wort: wha...

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Marigolds Blog Photo

Marigolds: Plants of Gold

Marigolds are some of our flower gardens most trusted flowers. They bloom plentifully,...

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