Snow Load Blog Photo

Snow Load

Heavy wet snow load is changing columnar trees into weeping trees this fall! I have several varieties of trees on my ...

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Dispelling The Seasonal Myth Blog Photo

Dispelling the Seasonal Myth

As we roll into spring people are itching to get into the greenhouse and begin filling their yards with flowers, tree...

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Black Hills Spruce Blog Photo

Black Hills: Sprucing Things Up (Part 1)

The Black Hills Spruce. I think it goes without saying that evergreens make for the best privacy. It’s no argument th...

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Alder The Prairie Horizon

Alder: The Prairie Horizon

My brain is still on the topic of less known and newer trees. So, lets talk about Prairie Horizon Alder. Have you ...

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Silver Maple Blog Photo

Silver Maple: Prairie Silver

This tree is almost native to Manitoba. In my tree exploration travels I have found Silver Maples growing wildly very...

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Beating The System Part 3

Beating the System (Part 3)

We’ve made it! Here is my final blog on protecting your more delicate trees and shrubs… or at least until I think of ...

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Beating The System Part 2

Beating the System (Part 2)

Let’s just dive straight into this. Last time I touched on sheltering and protecting your more fragile plants from th...

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Beating The System Part 1 (1)

Beating the System (Part 1)

We are always looking for ways to grow slightly tender trees in our zone 3 climate. Sometimes you want to grow things...

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Silver Feather Grass Blog Photo

Silver Feather Grass: The Silver Maiden

The Silver Feather Maiden reed grass (What a name!) is a plant that leaves many breathless. With its towering blades,...

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