Blizzard Mockorange Blog Photo

Blizzard Mockorange: Not an Orange…

As spring arrives the early bloomers like cherries, plums, apricots and forsythia are ...

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Swiss Stone Pine Blog Photo

Swiss Stone Pine: The Alps… Pine

Swiss Stone Pine seems to be an uncommon tree in every aspect. We rarely see it in our landscape here in Manitoba, bu...

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Amur Maackia Blog Photo

Amur Maackia

Amur Maackia, first thing that I asked when I heard about this tree is where did that name come from. You may have he...

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Agincourt Beauty Lilac Blog Photo

Agincourt Beauty Lilac: A Cut Above the Rest

"A Cut Above the Rest", it’s a play on words segueing into Lilacs. Lilacs make great cut flowers! I have not seen the...

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Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth: The Tragic Love Story

Love Lies Bleeding, also known as Amaranth, is a gorgeous plant getting monstrously ta...

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How Close Is Too Close Part 2

How Close is Too Close? (Part 2)

Now where did we leave off last time? Oh yes I was talking about plants being too close to the house causing heat and...

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Not So Seedy Part 1

Not So Seedy (Part 1)

It’s quite common to have customers desire trees that don’t produce fruit or seeds. It’s the low maintenance thing. N...

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Need A Rose

Need a Rose?

The Rose has to be the most iconic garden shrub of all. There is something classic, tr...

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False Spirea (3)

Spirea: True or False?

There are some trees and shrubs that are simply underrated and I think one that is the...

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