Currants: A Berry Fine Choice!

Why plant a currant you may ask? Well, one reason would be that currants are some of t...

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Valiant Grape Resilient Champion

Valiant Grape: The Resilient Champion

As unlikely as it may seem there are grapes that can survive here in Manitoba and prod...

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The Pits Part 3 Blog Photo (website)

The Pits (Part 3)

Do you know what really is the pits? When people say they are going to do something I never do. So here I am, with th...

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The Pits Part 2

The Pits (Part 2)

And we are back, let's dive right back into the pits... figuratively. We will start with Native Plums. There are two ...

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The Pits Part 1

The Pits (Part 1)

Let’s talk about the pits. No, not the holes in the roads or the rough patches of our lives, I’m talking about pitted...

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Hawthorn: Thorn in My Side?

I cannot think of a plant, native to Manitoba, that is more foreboding than the Hawthorn tree. It really gives the im...

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Nuts About Trees! Blog Photo

Nuts about Trees!

Nope, I’m not talking about my eccentric hobby that turned into Falk Nurseries. I’m thinking of actual nut trees that...

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Not So Seedy Part 1

Not So Seedy (Part 1)

It’s quite common to have customers desire trees that don’t produce fruit or seeds. It’s the low maintenance thing. N...

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Haskaps/Honeyberries: An Edible Hedge

Customers often come to us with the question “Do you sell blueberry bushes?” And my an...

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