False Spirea (3)

Spirea: True or False?

There are some trees and shrubs that are simply underrated and I think one that is the...

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King Tut Grass The Great Tut Blog Photo

King Tut Grass: The Great Tut

So it turns out that there is this very famous pharaoh named Tutankhamen who was also ...

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Sensation Lilac Blog Photo

Sensation Lilac: Its Sensational!

I was surprised when I first heard Sheldon recommend lilacs as a wind blocking hedge, ...

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Falk’s Education The Heart Behind It Blog Photo

Falk’s Education: The Heart Behind it

Something you may have picked up on by now either through reading these blogs or from ...

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Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple: The King

I was trying to think of some cheesy title for this blog about Sugar Maples. Things li...

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Haskaps/Honeyberries: An Edible Hedge

Customers often come to us with the question “Do you sell blueberry bushes?” And my an...

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Sugarberry Tree

Have you ever heard of Sugarberry / Hackberry tree? If so, you’re in the minority. Thi...

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Need A Hedge Blog Photo (1)

Need a Hedge? Part 2

Have you ever seen a hedge that was not growing at uniform rates? Some plants were tal...

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Need A Hedge Blog Photo

Need a Hedge? Part 1

Hedges. The green fence. The living wall of privacy and shelter. Many people choose to...

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