The Pits Part 3 Blog Photo (website)

The Pits (Part 3)

Do you know what really is the pits? When people say they are going to do something I never do. So here I am, with th...

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Lantana Blog Photo

Lantana: The World Dominator

Lantana is a plant that I find has a very specific demographic. To those who actually know about it, it is the most w...

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Silverado Olive Hybrid

Silverado Hybrid Olive: The Silver on the Prairies

Trees are green. We learn this in kindergarten. Plants over all grow green leaves. But what about when they don’t? No...

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The Pits Part 1

The Pits (Part 1)

Let’s talk about the pits. No, not the holes in the roads or the rough patches of our lives, I’m talking about pitted...

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Amur Maackia Blog Photo

Amur Maackia

Amur Maackia, first thing that I asked when I heard about this tree is where did that name come from. You may have he...

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Savannah Ruby Grass Blog Photo

Savannah Rubies

When it comes to containers, we often discuss thrillers, fillers, and spiller; the three main criteria for a perfect ...

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Agincourt Beauty Lilac Blog Photo

Agincourt Beauty Lilac: A Cut Above the Rest

"A Cut Above the Rest", it’s a play on words segueing into Lilacs. Lilacs make great cut flowers! I have not seen the...

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Perennial Annuals Or Annual Perennials Blog Photo

Perennial Annuals or Annual Perennials?

Not many people know this but amongst our annuals and perennials there are some that come in both annual and perennia...

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Northern Gold Forsythia Blog Photo

Northern Gold Forsythia: Spring Gold

This time I’m giving you the good news first. Northern Gold Forsythia is a beautiful, yellow flowering bush that is f...

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