Begonias: The Queen of the Shade

Authored by Kristelle Falk - Greenhouse Sales Manager
Feb 2nd, 2020
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Begonias, one of the most beautiful bloomers in the annual flower world. Or at least in our limited Manitoba selection. Begonias are known for their variety of shapes and vibrant colours. These bright colours pair well with the plant seeing as they are a shade flower. This ensures that your shady corners will be glowing with vibrant colours on big and plentiful blooms. 

But what is the key to keeping these beautiful shade flowers happy? Begonias can be fickle, but they are worth the effort to get such colour and blooms into your shady areas. Moisture and heat are the greatest enemies of the begonia. While not liking it too wet, begonias also don’t like to become very dry. Even moisture is what best suits these beauties. As mentioned before begonias are a shade flower, which means they are sensitive to the amount of sunlight they get. However, they can also be heat sensitive. Mix dryness with really hot weather and your begonias may stress out and drop all their flowers or even die, depending on the severity of the heat and lack of moisture. Always check your flowers moisture levels, especially on our hot summer days.

Fickleness aside, begonias pair well with many other shade flowers and vines. Wire Vine, Lobelia, and Double Flowering Impatient are great companions to name a few. Needless to say the begonia is the queen of shade, bringing some of the brightest colour options of the shade flower world.

A fun fact about some begonia types is that they are edible, some even resembling the tanginess of rhubarb. This can make a fun appetizer for the adventurous or a nice colour add to a salad. Now please always check with your plant experts before attempting to eat any flowers, as not all flowers are edible!

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