Meyers Spruce: Sprucing Things Up (Part 3)

Authored by Ryan Falk - Nursery Sales Manager
Mar 13th, 2023
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The Meyers Spruce. Recently I told you about the Black Hills Spruce and how they are tougher and faster growing than most varieties, followed by the stunning Crystal Blue Spruce with its incredible colour and great form. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could combine those traits in one tree?

Meyers Spruce is an Asian variety that has been recently introduced in Manitoba. It has an excellent cold tolerance and no native pests or diseases, making it extremely reliable. Tougher then Black Hills Spruce is still one step ahead of it in sunburn resistance, the Meyers also takes a step ahead in density. Its compact branching rivals that of the Crystal Blue Spruce. While they cannot outdo the Crystal Blue’s colour, some Meyers can develop a very nice steel blue on their needles.

Like all young evergreens, winter protection is recommended while they are young to prevent sunburn. Meyers will withstand the sunburn longer than Crystal Blue, and most evergreens making it a good candidate for windbreaks or use inside the yard. We have three beautiful Meyer’s planted on the north-east corner of our parking lot, and a fourth one on the north-west. They have been there for over ten years now as a test run, competing with the Black Hills in the Southeast corner, and have impressed us nicely.

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