Authored by Sheldon Falk, Owner and operator of Falk Nurseries


Falk Nurseries has hopes of being fully open late April. We are growing and loving it. Of course we will be following all protocols necessary. As of this date, greenhouses are deemed essential but non-critical services. The government will give us more clarity on April 15th. We will keep you posted as things progress. At this time customers are allowed pickup only; there is potential that this can change by the end of April. We will be taking the proper measures to clean, disinfect, wear gloves and provide an environment that is as safe as possible. Social distancing will be required at all times regardless.

We will be offering seniors early-bird shopping hour from 9am to 10am. A no-touch policy will be implemented, asking customers to avoid touching products, unless you plan on buying them. We are busy planning a system of curb-side pickup for greenhouse plants for those desiring not to go into the greenhouses. Unfortunately this also means that we will not be serving any coffee or popcorn, this is almost as sad for our staff as it is for the kids. It is possible that the outdoor trees and shrubs section will simply need social distancing. It really is a walk in the park!

As you all know the uncertainties are changing things every day so please keep checking our social media and website for updates. We are pouring all of our energy and resources into growing; our hope, of course, is that we will be able to see all of you this spring. King Solomon, the wisest man on Earth, said in Ecclesiastes chapter 11, verse 4: “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant, if they watch every cloud, they never Harvest.” People can create negative outcomes by doing nothing and letting fear take over. We have chosen hope and extra effort to be able to serve you safely this coming season.

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