Crystal Blue Spruce: Sprucing Things Up (Part 2)

Authored by Ryan Falk - Nursery Sales Manager
Feb 28th, 2023
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We have looked into some green spruce, but what about those blue spruce? There is nothing that can give such a vibrant contrast in the lands scale as a Crystal Blue Spruce. The fresh growth in spring always has the brightest blue colour, gradually fading as the needles age. They are the scariest needles I have personally encountered, occasionally drawing blood. This helps them keep the deer and rabbits at a distance.

A fully grown Crystal Blue Spruce is 40′ tall and 15′ wide so it is best to give them some space away from the house. The good news is their roots are small and non-invasive. As a true spruce, they are not in a hurry to get there and typically grow 8″-12″ a year. They are not overly picky about their soil type but grow best in a well-drained area with full sun.

Setting up burlap fencing in the fall to protect young trees from winter sun is a good idea. Colorado Spruce are not as accustomed to our winter sun being so low on the horizon and can sun burn more quickly that native varieties. Once they have 3-5 years of establishment, they will be largely self sustaining. This does make them better for feature trees in the yard rather than for shelter belts.

Pairing them in the yard with a purple leafed tree like Gladiator Flowering Crabapple or red fall foliage like Royal Crown Amur Maple can make a stunning contrast.

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