Bridal Wreath Spirea

Authored by Sheldon Falk - Owner
Jun 7th, 2022
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Have you ever noticed that we take things for granted? As I started this post, I was wondering what I would say about Bridal Wreath Spirea. It’s a plant that’s been planted here for over 50 years. As a matter of fact, over 100 in North America. As I was refreshing this plants attributes in my research, I was reminded of what a gift this plant is to us.

Bridal Wreath Spirea has a magnificent fountain like shape. When it blooms it is covered with arching branches full of small white abundant flowers. The shrub matures at 5 or 6ft and it gets there very quickly. Growth rates would be well over a foot per year under good cultivation practices. Once it is established it is also quite tolerant of drought. This makes it a great plant for the south or west side of a building where there is an excess amount of heat & dry going on. However, every plant needs some water – don’t assume it’s a rock! Sorry, that’s an over reaction, no PTSD from warranty talks over here, haha. Getting back on track, one of the reasons I want to bring attention to a plant like Bridal Wreath Spirea is the bloom. It blooms for about 10 days, and it is magnificent! As the blue green toned leaves come out it maintains a pleasant airy cascading look, making it a magnificent feature plant all season long.

I have an extra appreciation for plants that have more than one strong attribute. The bloom and the structure are already enough but the fall colour adds even more. Most years this shrub will turn a golden orange with some burgundy tones.

It also has good disease resistance and sufficient cold hardiness. I wouldn’t plant it on a bald prairie, but I would not hesitate to plant it most other sunny sites. I should also mention that it suckers very little if at all and does not seed out easily. This plant does not tolerate soggy soil, so best to keep it away from low spots and areas where eavestroughs drain. That last point about eavestroughs is true about almost every shrub and trees except possibly willows.

Although you can trim the shrubs it’s unlikely you will need to. It can be used as an accent plant, or as a backdrop shrub to smaller plants. Occasionally it can even be seen as a hedge in a moderately sheltered area.

So, in summary what you get in Bridal Wreath Spirea is a hardy, fast-growing, disease resistant, blooming shrub with good fall colour and a pleasant structure.

No wonder it has enjoyed a century of popularity. If you’re concerned about the size, it’s little cousin Three Lobe Spirea has these attributes in a 3 to 4 ft shrub. Not a bad option either.

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