Beating the Heat… And the Weeds

Authored by Sheldon Falk - Owner
Jul 13th, 2020
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We all wait for summer and then when it gets hot and sticky we wonder what were we waiting for. This was never truer than when the garden is full of weeds. Gardening is one of those areas where our lack of character shows up particularly in areas of consistency and diligence. If the weeds got away on you, your hooped! There are very few things as demoralizing as hours of weeding in the heat. So, my suggestion for all you gardeners would be to keep ahead of the game! It’s easy to be gone for a weekend, wait for the garden to dry, etc. etc. The problem is the weeds keep growing when it’s hot and wet. If you can weed before the place looks like grass it’s always a bonus. I’ve done the hours of weeding in the heat because I was behind. So, my one recommendation is don’t fall behind because it’s demoralizing.

Secondly, it’s always much easier to weed early in the morning for a few reasons. Firstly, you’ve had your coffee you’re good to go. Secondly and more importantly, it’s not blazing hot yet. Yes, there are mosquitoes but that’s why God made bug spray!? Given the options, I would rather wear long sleeves and some spray and get out of there before it’s 34 degrees and sticky. I find evenings stay warm longer and in the mornings I do have more optimism and energy. Thirdly, once you develop the character qualities you need to make this happen you will also find out your reward is worth it. I have never bought a tomato from the store that tasted as good as the ones in my own garden. So for those who can’t see the tomatoes anymore because of weeds: now is better than later.

One more final point. Weed in a group! It’s way more fun to get it done fast. Then go inside and enjoy some watermelon together. I hope your gardens turn out well! Enjoy the adventure and the learning curve. No one becomes an expert without experience. And experts are people who made mistakes and learn from them.


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