Agincourt Beauty Lilac: A Cut Above the Rest

Authored by Sheldon Falk - Owner
Sept 12th, 2022
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“A Cut Above the Rest”, it’s a play on words segueing into Lilacs. Lilacs make great cut flowers! I have not seen them last long, but they look good on the table for a little while and offer an amazing smell. The real grit of the statement, however, is what makes Agincourt Beauty Lilac a cut above other lilacs.

Agincourt Beauty Lilac does have several features that raise the bar. First off, the flower buds start off in a deep purple. The flowers open to a medium purple considered one of the finest in purple lilac blooms. Secondly, the single blossoms are also the largest of all lilac florets. This gives a much clearer definition of the single flower. Lilacs have many single florets creating the large clusters. Thirdly, these clusters are thought to be the largest of all the lilacs.

So, there you have it! The darkest purple buds, largest florets and largest clusters. The shrub suckers moderately and grows to approximately 8 x 8 ft and has a growth rate of 12″ per year. The heart shaped leaves are a rich dark green, its shape giving it away as a member of the common (French) Lilac family. This family grows a little slower but has more scent and larger blooms than some of the other varieties.

General pointers on growing the lilacs would include keeping them out of soggy soil, giving them space, sunshine, nutrients in spring and water during dry spells. One more pointer would be prune them only once a year shortly after they bloom. If you prune any other time, you will be trimming the next year’s flower buds off. You will also be trimming off unsightly seed pods if done at this time.

Agincourt Beauty is fully hardy and can be used in multiple settings including privacy hedges, as a backdrop plant for smaller shrubs, or as a feature in a larger landscape. The blossoms last about a week to 10 days. This may seem a little short but guess what, summer is a little short in Manitoba. Enjoy what you get, this easy-care shrub gives generously.

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