A Seedy Topic

Authored by Sheldon Falk, Owner and operator of Falk Nurseries

You may be growing vegetables because you’ll be spending more time in the yard this year and want an interesting outdoor hobby. Gardening for economic reasons may also be a good idea. Gardening is just a good all-around activity for your mental health, exercise, fresh eating, or an enjoyable pass time. This blog will give you a few pointers on early season starts. We will continue to blog vegetable growing throughout the season to help you along if you haven’t done this much before. Many people have been buying seeds and wondering what to start inside. Here’s a list of plants you should not start inside first. Beets, carrots, parsnips, corn, peas, and potatoes. These will not work for early growing. You can start beans but I probably would just seed them out around May 25th. Squash and pumpkins would be safe around then as well but could be started inside if you wished.

The plants that will get the most benefit from an extended season would be peppers tomatoes and watermelons. I would watch the weather but generally speaking I would not plant these out before May long possibly even 1st of June. Also if you start the cold crops like cabbage, broccoli cauliflower kale, kohlrabi, and onions. You can plant them out in early May because they can handle a lot of frost.

This is a good time to start seeding. It’ll take a week or more to get the plants up. Having warm soil is important for germination. Some people put their trays on top of their hot water tank until the plants pop out. You will want a full sun area that is warm once the plants are going. Getting started too soon on tomatoes can cause lanky growth that can break off easily once planted outside.

When you start seeds never keep them soggy. Let the air dry them out so they can breathe as well. Plants like tomatoes also need to be kept shorter so don’t overwater. Basically water well and then let dry out and repeat. If this all sounds like too much bother, we will be selling seeds for garden starts and plants for transplanting. If it’s fun go for, it if it sounds like too much work, come get them from us!


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