Fertilizing Flower Baskets & Containers

We usually recommend fertilizing your baskets and containers at least once a week.
However, each fertilizer is different. Check the instructions on your particular fertilizer for the amount to put in your baskets and containers and how often.

If you have a water-soluble fertilizer you can typically fertilize every time you water. This is a fast-acting fertilizer so make sure you do not add too much of the fertilizer powder into your water as you don’t want to make it too potent for your plant(s). After 3 -4 days watering with fertilizer, water once without any fertilizers to give the plant a chance to cleanse.

If you have a slow-release fertilizer, put 1 tbsp. of fertilizer  in your container or basket every two weeks. If you notice that your plant leaves are yellowing or lack flowers you can give the plant a fast boost with a one-time shot of water-soluble fertilizer. Always remember when fertilizing to double-check your package for its specific instructions and follow those as every fertilizer is different.

You can fertilize your baskets and containers all season long, from May – September.

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