Pot Credit

Thats right! You can return your tree/shrub pots for an in-store credit to put towards your next purchase and is also good stewardship of our environment! We only accept back 1-gallon pot sizes and up (preferably black in colour) as these we can reuse. We can also take back any baskets and containers originally purchased at our greenhouse as well.
*Anything damaged we recommend recycling as we will be unable to use them.*

We will credit the following accordingly:

1 gallon = 0.10¢

2 gallon = 0.20¢

3 gallon = 0.35¢

5+ gallon = 0.40¢

10+ gallon = 0.50¢

Web Trays = $1.25

Box Pots (*with all its pieces) = $8.00

*Containers and baskets do not qualify for our pot credit rebate
*Pot credit are only issued when brought in during the weekdays (Mon-Fri) as our staffing arrangements and peak business hours on Saturdays may restrict us in being available to process these returns


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