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Full Care Sheet and Warranty

Pre-growth Warranty: All trees/shrubs purchased before leafing out in spring (before new growth in evergreens) may be returned for a replacement if they do not leaf out at all. A pro-rated in-store credit is available if more than the top 20% of a tree does not leaf out. After the tree/shrub produces new growth for the season, standard growing season warranty applies.

Standard Warranty: Most trees/shrubs are warranted against death for the first growing season. If your plant has died, contact us first in case it is only dormant, preferably via email with a picture and description. We have a new Plant Troubleshooting Form that expedites the process, and will help avoid future deaths. If we determine it is covered by the standard warranty, you must bring in the original sales receipt (credit card/bank statements are not acceptable - they do not contain warranty information or individual prices) along with the dead plant, and we will replace it with a healthy plant of equal value. All plants not covered by standard warranty are marked on signs and asterisked (*) on your receipt.


  • Damage due to natural disasters or extreme weather conditions, or caused by animals, insects, or humans (wrongdoing, vandalism, negligence, etc). Most plants die from under- or over-watering, so please follow directions and contact us with questions.
  • Living plants are not covered by standard warranty. Aesthetic issues can be recovered with proper care over time - our lifetime support can provide troubleshooting and guidance.
  • *Standard warranty lasts until October 31 of the purchase year.
  • Sales items are only covered by pre-growth warranty.
  • *Evergreens are only covered by pre-growth warranty. They require extra care because they do not signal stress as quickly as deciduous plants (ie. needles may fall 2-3 months after stress).
  • Fringe/specialty trees/shrubs are only covered by pre-growth warranty, typically plants that are semi-hardy or top-grafted products. They are all clearly marked on signs and receipt.
  • Trees/shrubs already replaced once on warranty are not covered – warranty is one time only.
  • Annual flowers, vegetables or perennials are not covered by any warranty.

Labour: There is no warranty on labour.

Extended Warranty: We now offer a worry-free extended warranty program. Available for all hardy trees and shrubs, including field-dug evergreens (4'+), purchased at regular price, this program extends our warranty against death for 1 full year from the purchase date. Our most tender or experimental trees/shrubs do not qualify. Speak to a manager at purchase to sign and date this Extended Warranty Commitment. The cost is an additional 25% of regular purchase price, and may be purchased up to 1 week after original purchase date. All other exclusions apply.

Returns: We will only accept returns on plant items within 2 business days of original purchase if they have not been planted or removed from their pot, and are in their original condition (ie not stressed due to over- or under-watering). No cash back - in-store credit only.

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