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Each plant variety has different pruning needs. If you do not find information about your plant here please call before clipping.

The timing of tree pruning is quite simple. The best time is late winter to early spring, or late fall once all the growth is finished. Late September till freeze up is good. Maples and Birches are exceptions to spring pruning as they will "bleed" sap, causing some stress; they should be pruned in the fall.

Shrubs grown primarily for foliage can be pruned almost all year around. These varieties include: Dogwoods, Amur Maples, Sumacs, Alpine Currents, Cotoneaster, Ninebark, and Barberries.

Flowering shrubs are a bit trickier. Some shrubs bloom off of fresh growth and some off of last years growth. Fresh growth bloomers can be pruned first thing in spring. These varieties would include: Hydranges, Potentillas, Dwarf Pink Spireas, False Spireas, Honey suckles, and Roses.

Plants blooming off of last years growth should be pruned immediately after they have finished flowering. This is generally mid to late June. If they are pruned at other times during the year you will cut off the new flower buds.These varieties include: Lilacs, Tall White Spireas, and Mock Oranges.

It is best for Evergreen trees and shrubs to be pruned early spring so that their fresh growth can cover the clipped look.

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